Anesthesia Negligence

Problems with anesthesia administration can occur anywhere from the start of the surgery to finish. When there are problems with the anesthesia portion of a surgery, the result is often related to brain damage. Attorneys Kampinski and Schneider have had some of their highest awards from cases involving anesthesia negligence to patients who became victims due to an anesthesiology error. Below are examples of successes obtained by Attorneys Kampinski and Schneider in the realm of Anesthesia Negligence...

$ 22.5 million settlement: A woman received a high spinal along with excessive doses of a sedative during her delivery. The 36 year old plaintiff was left brain injured and paralyzed after a respiratory arrest.

$ 14.5 million verdict: A hospital and physician were found liable following a woman’s routine nose surgery. A nurse removed a patient’s breathing tube too soon after her surgery resulting in brain damage. The patient was left in a vegetative state. The award included 3.5 million in punitive damages because the original doctor sent in a resident to perform the operation despite assuring the patient pre-operatively that he would perform the procedure himself. The award was the 2nd largest ever granted by an Ohio jury.

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